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Making Phone Calls For Gina

Thank you so much for your help!

Making Phone Calls For Gina Sillitti, Anna Kaplan, Robert Zimmerman, and all of our Democratic Friends

We have an automated dialer system that makes it super fast and easy to make phone calls for Gina

(and the rest of the Democratic Candidates).

Click Here to Use DIALER

What is a Dialer? 

A Dialer is simply a tool to make phone calls faster and more effieciently. 

It allows anyone to make calls from anywhere, and best of all, hides your

phone number, so anyone calling back we reach the campaign and not 


Wheter your a seasoned pro or this is your first time making calls, read 

the instructions below, and give it a try. 

*Important Notes*

Don’t hang up your phone - to end a call, hang up on the
If you want to take a break - Click “Ready” in the top left corner
and select “Not Ready”

If you get asked a question and you’re not sure how to
answer, it’s okay to say I don’t know- Gina is happy to
speak to them herself, just select the Speak with Staff
button, and she will give them a call back.

If someone hangs up once you start talking and they don’t say not to call back - Mark them as not home. They may be
busy and might be more receptive if we call back another time If you get brought back to the login screen - Go back to the beginning

Any questions? Email

Or call 516 232 4906


1. Grab some headphones

Before you start, make sure to grab a pair of headphones and connect them to your phone so you can read your screen and talk on the phone at the same time. If you don’t have headphones, you can also put your phone on speaker once we call you.

2. Connect to the phone bank on Impactive

We will give you a call and connect you to the phone banking conference line. You will need to remain on this phone call during the entire session. You will not yet be connected to a real person.

3. Enter your phone number

Enter the phone number you’d like us to use for this phone bank. Once you hit “Call me,” we’ll give you a call.

4. We'll call you

You will receive a call from your phone number. Once you answer, navigate back to this app without hanging up.

5. You're in!

Remember to put your phone on speaker or use headphones for the duration of this phone bank. When you’re ready to chat with your first contact, hit the ‘Queue Call’ button and we’ll connect you to the next available contact.

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