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Don’t be a victim of hate event with Gina Sillitti and the Herricks Chinese Association

By The Island Now - May 1, 2021

Blue Moon Taekwondo in Port Washington

State Assemblywoman Gina L. Sillitti and the Herricks Chinese Association partnered to provide a safety and self-defense webinar which had over 350 community residents registered. In light of the anti-Asian hate, bias, and violence around the country and in New York specifically, Sillitti and HCA teamed up to educate the AAPI community in Nassau County on how to protect themselves.

“I want to let my AAPI friends and residents know that what’s happening to the Asian community is disgraceful and completely un-American. I stand side by side with the AAPI community against all the hate and violence and will do all that is possible to ensure their safety and well-being in our community,” said Sillitti of District 16.

The Nassau County Third Precinct provided invaluable safety and awareness tips and information during the highly attended Tuesday evening webinar. Walking with earphones, looking at your phone, and unaware of what’s happening around you makes you a prime target.

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