What Gina Stands For


It seems every day the basic rights in our democracy are under attack. We should be making voting easier, not harder. The legislative session in 2019 saw sweeping changes in the way we vote in New York. Most notably, we had Early Voting for the first time last year! I want to expand on those successes and finally pass automatic voter registration and universal, "no excuse" absentee voting for all New Yorkers!


Our elected representatives will have a BIG job ahead of them next year. How will we get out of this COVID crisis and rebuild New York? By investing in infrastructure projects, smart economic development that pays a prevailing wage so that our neighbors get those jobs instead of out of state companies with an out of state workforce.


No one is trying to abolish the 2nd Amendment, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn't have smart gun laws in place that keep our residents safe. I am so proud that New York is leading the way on this effort. After the tragedy in Parkland, New York passed a number of bills, including the “Red Flag Law,” that kept guns out of the hands of individuals showing signs of being a threat to themselves or others. This is smart governance and good legislation. While Washington tries to rollback these commonsense gun safety laws, I will continue the fight to protect our schools and communities.


Climate change is REAL. I believe in science and I listen to the experts. Once again, New York is leading the way by recently enacting the historic Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA). It sets ambitious targets over the next few decades, increasing our renewable energy storage, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and going 100% carbon-free electricity by 2040. These are big goals, now we need to reach them.


No matter what happens in November or what comes out of Washington, I will make sure that a woman will ALWAYS have control of her own body.  Period.


I know the importance of constituent services, of being accessible, and always answering every question. As your Assemblywoman, I will hold town halls on important issues affecting our district and partner with anyone who wants to help our community. I want to hear from my constituents and return every phone call. I want to work for you! As many in the community already do, I want everyone to know my face and for you to know I am a person you can count on.


Living on Long Island is EXPENSIVE. A big part of that is because we pay for our great schools, our municipalities and special districts with property taxes. I will fight to increase the amount of state funding for our communities, from a fully funded Foundation Aid formula to direct aid to our municipalities and helping our fire departments access grants to keep us safe.