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New York Assembly's budget plan to include $50M for flood victims

Spectrum News 1 BY NICK REISMAN

PUBLISHED 12:23 PM ET MAR. 11, 2022

Lawmakers in the New York state Assembly are proposing $50 million to aid homeowners affected by widespread flooding from the remnants of Hurricane Ida last September.

The money comes after lawmakers Jessica González-Rojas, Nily Rozic and Gina Sillitti in the state Assembly urged help for homeowners whose properties were damaged by the flash flooding which killed at least 43 people in the New York City area.

“The aftermath of Hurricane Ida caused severe damage to our city including parts of my district," González-Rojas said. "Many of the New Yorkers who were impacted are homeowners and they continue to suffer as a result. I’m urging the Governor and my colleagues in the Assembly and Senate to include Ida relief funding in this year’s budget to fill the resource gap left by other recovery efforts. New Yorkers want to rebuild what they’ve lost due to the storm and some have exhausted whatever help was available to them. This aid will allow families to do that."

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